Class Util

  • public final class Util
    extends Object
    • Method Detail

      • ensureOverFiniteField

        public static void ensureOverFiniteField​(IPolynomial... polys)
      • ensureOverField

        public static void ensureOverField​(IPolynomial... polys)
      • ensureOverZ

        public static void ensureOverZ​(IPolynomial... polys)
      • canConvertToZp64

        public static boolean canConvertToZp64​(IPolynomial poly)
        Test whether poly is over Zp with modulus less then 2^63
      • isOverRationals

        public static <T extends IPolynomial<T>> boolean isOverRationals​(T poly)
        Whether coefficient domain is rationals
      • isOverSimpleFieldExtension

        public static <T extends IPolynomial<T>> boolean isOverSimpleFieldExtension​(T poly)
        Whether coefficient domain is F(alpha)
      • isOverMultipleFieldExtension

        public static <T extends IPolynomial<T>> boolean isOverMultipleFieldExtension​(T poly)
        Whether coefficient domain is F(alpha1, alpha2, ...)
      • isOverSimpleNumberField

        public static <T extends IPolynomial<T>> boolean isOverSimpleNumberField​(T poly)
        Whether coefficient domain is Q(alpha)
      • isOverRingOfIntegersOfSimpleNumberField

        public static <T extends IPolynomial<T>> boolean isOverRingOfIntegersOfSimpleNumberField​(T poly)
        Whether coefficient domain is Q(alpha)
      • isOverQ

        public static <T extends IPolynomial<T>> boolean isOverQ​(T poly)
        Whether coefficient domain is Q
      • isOverZ

        public static <T extends IPolynomial<T>> boolean isOverZ​(T poly)
        Whether coefficient domain is Z
      • commonDenominator

        public static <E> E commonDenominator​(UnivariatePolynomial<Rational<E>> poly)
        Returns a common denominator of given poly