cloud-core 1.6.2 API

cloud API main package
Annotation and annotation parsing related classes and utilities
Classes related to parameter injection This package will be moved in a future release
Standard annotations used to match ArgumentParser in ParserRegistry
Command arguments that are used to build command parsing chains
Argument types that consists of 2 or more sub-types
Cloud flag system
Parser classes used to parse CommandArgument
Pre-made argument preprocessors
Standard command argument types
Classes allowing for the configuration of messages.
Command context stores values for a command sender before and during command execution and parsing
cloud related exceptions
Parsing related exceptions
Classes related to command execution and execution coordination
Command postprocessing system
Command preprocessing system
Confirmation system
Classes that should be used internally in command managers
Type-safe named keys.
Command meta are classes associated with commands that store arbitrary data
Command permissions
Generic immutable n-tuples with non-null values for 1 < n ≥ 6
Utility classes