package values

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Type Members

  1. sealed trait ArgonautValueEnum[ValueType, EntryType <: ValueEnumEntry[ValueType]] extends AnyRef

    Base trait for Value-based Enumeratum Enums that automatically adds Argonaut Json Encoders and Decoders.

  2. trait ByteArgonautEnum[EntryType <: ByteEnumEntry] extends ArgonautValueEnum[Byte, EntryType]

    ArgonautEnum for ByteEnumEntry

  3. trait CharArgonautEnum[EntryType <: CharEnumEntry] extends ArgonautValueEnum[Char, EntryType]

    ArgonautEnum for CharEnumEntry

  4. trait IntArgonautEnum[EntryType <: IntEnumEntry] extends ArgonautValueEnum[Int, EntryType]

    ArgonautEnum for IntEnumEntry

  5. trait LongArgonautEnum[EntryType <: LongEnumEntry] extends ArgonautValueEnum[Long, EntryType]

    ArgonautEnum for LongEnumEntry

  6. trait ShortArgonautEnum[EntryType <: ShortEnumEntry] extends ArgonautValueEnum[Short, EntryType]

    ArgonautEnum for ShortEnumEntry

  7. trait StringArgonautEnum[EntryType <: StringEnumEntry] extends ArgonautValueEnum[String, EntryType]

    ArgonautEnum for StringEnumEntry

Value Members

  1. object Argonauter

    Created by alonsodomin on 14/10/2016.