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baseDate(Date) - Method in class com.codetaco.math.Equ.Builder
build() - Method in class com.codetaco.math.Equ.Builder
build() - Method in class com.codetaco.math.MathException.Builder
builder() - Static method in exception com.codetaco.math.MathException
builder(Class<B>) - Static method in class com.codetaco.math.Equ
Builder() - Constructor for class com.codetaco.math.Equ.Builder
Builder() - Constructor for class com.codetaco.math.MathException.Builder
byteArrayAsString(Object) - Static method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.ValueStack


cause(Throwable) - Method in class com.codetaco.math.MathException.Builder
com.codetaco.math - package com.codetaco.math
This package contains the public API into the Equ class.
com.codetaco.math.impl - package com.codetaco.math.impl
compile(String) - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.EquImpl
convertToBoolean(Object...) - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.Operation
convertToDouble(Object) - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.ValueStack
convertToDouble(Object...) - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.Operation
convertToFloat(Object) - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.ValueStack
convertToInteger(Object) - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.ValueStack
convertToLong(Object) - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.ValueStack
convertToZonedDateTime(Object) - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.ValueStack


ensureSameTypes() - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.ValueStack
ensureSameTypes(int) - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.ValueStack
ensureSameTypes(Object...) - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.ValueStack
Equ<T> - Class in com.codetaco.math
Create an instance of this class and send it an evaluate() message.
Equ.Builder<B> - Class in com.codetaco.math
equation(String) - Method in class com.codetaco.math.Equ.Builder
EquImpl - Class in com.codetaco.math.impl
Create an instance of this class and send it an evaluate() message.
EquImpl() - Constructor for class com.codetaco.math.impl.EquImpl
EquPart - Class in com.codetaco.math.impl
EquPart(EquImpl) - Constructor for class com.codetaco.math.impl.EquPart
evaluate() - Method in class com.codetaco.math.Equ.Builder
evaluate() - Method in class com.codetaco.math.Equ
evaluate() - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.EquImpl
evaluate(String) - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.EquImpl


function(TokVariable) - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.EquImpl
function(String, Class) - Method in class com.codetaco.math.Equ.Builder
Function - Class in com.codetaco.math.impl
Function(EquImpl) - Constructor for class com.codetaco.math.impl.Function
Function(EquImpl, TokVariable) - Constructor for class com.codetaco.math.impl.Function


gatherVariables() - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.EquImpl
getBaseDate() - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.EquImpl
getDouble(String) - Method in class com.codetaco.math.Equ
getEqu() - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.EquPart
getInstance() - Static method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.EquImpl
getInstance(boolean) - Static method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.EquImpl
getInstance(EquationSupport) - Static method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.EquImpl
getInteger(String) - Method in class com.codetaco.math.Equ
getLevel() - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.EquPart
getLong(String) - Method in class com.codetaco.math.Equ
getMessage() - Method in exception com.codetaco.math.MathException
getMetaphone() - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.EquImpl
getParameterCount() - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.Function
getString(String) - Method in class com.codetaco.math.Equ
getSupport() - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.EquImpl
getZonedDateTime(String) - Method in class com.codetaco.math.Equ


includeInRpn() - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.Operation
initialize() - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.EquImpl


MathException - Exception in com.codetaco.math
MathException.Builder - Class in com.codetaco.math
multiplize(EquPart) - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.EquPart


negatize(EquPart) - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.EquPart
negatize(EquPart) - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.Operator


Operation - Class in com.codetaco.math.impl
Operation(EquImpl) - Constructor for class com.codetaco.math.impl.Operation
operator(Token) - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.EquImpl
Operator - Class in com.codetaco.math.impl
Operator(EquImpl) - Constructor for class com.codetaco.math.impl.Operator
Operator(EquImpl, EquPart) - Constructor for class com.codetaco.math.impl.Operator


popBoolean() - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.ValueStack
popByteArray() - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.ValueStack
popDouble() - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.ValueStack
popExactly() - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.ValueStack
popFloat() - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.ValueStack
popInteger() - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.ValueStack
popLong() - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.ValueStack
popString() - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.ValueStack
popStringOrByteArray() - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.ValueStack
popWhatever() - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.ValueStack
popZonedDateTime() - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.ValueStack
precedence() - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.Function
precedence() - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.Operation
precedence() - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.Operator
preceeds(Operation) - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.Operation


registerFunction(String, Class<?>) - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.EquImpl
resolve(ValueStack) - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.EquPart


setBaseDate(Date) - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.EquImpl
setLevel(int) - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.EquPart
setParameterCount(int) - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.Function
setSupport(EquationSupport) - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.EquImpl
showRPN() - Method in class com.codetaco.math.Equ
showRPN() - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.EquImpl
showRPN(StringBuilder) - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.EquImpl
support(EquationSupport) - Method in class com.codetaco.math.Equ.Builder


toString() - Method in class com.codetaco.math.Equ
toString() - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.EquImpl


unregisterFunction(String) - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.EquImpl
unregisterOperator(String) - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.EquImpl
updateParameterCount(EquPart[], int) - Method in class com.codetaco.math.impl.Function


ValueStack - Class in com.codetaco.math.impl
ValueStack() - Constructor for class com.codetaco.math.impl.ValueStack
variable(String, Object) - Method in class com.codetaco.math.Equ.Builder
variable(String, Object) - Method in class com.codetaco.math.Equ
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