Class LocalVoiceSendTaskFactory

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      • LocalVoiceSendTaskFactory

        public LocalVoiceSendTaskFactory()
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      • create

        public Disposable create​(Scheduler scheduler,
                                 Consumer<Boolean> speakingSender,
                                 Consumer<ByteBuf> voiceSender,
                                 AudioProvider provider,
                                 discord4j.voice.PacketTransformer transformer)
        Description copied from interface: VoiceSendTaskFactory
        Create a task that is capable of handling outbound audio packets.
        Specified by:
        create in interface VoiceSendTaskFactory
        scheduler - a dedicated Scheduler that can be used to run the task
        speakingSender - a sink capable to signaling speaking status to Discord
        voiceSender - a sink capable of sending outbound audio to Discord
        provider - a strategy to produce audio packets that can be encoded
        transformer - a strategy to encode a packet into a raw buffer
        a task that can process audio and send it