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  1. trait AggregateDomainEvent[T <: AggregateRoot] extends Identifiable

    DomainEvent Domain event which should be used when there is an action to be applied on a single AggregateRoot aggregate root.

  2. trait AggregateRoot extends Identifiable

    Aggregate root is a meaningful object in the domain.

  3. trait Cube[TSource <: Searchable] extends AnyRef

    Olap cube is online analytical processing concept used for extracting business intelligence.

  4. trait DomainEvent extends Identifiable

    Domain event represents an meaningful business event that occurred in the system.

  5. trait DomainEventStore extends AnyRef

    Service for submitting domain events to the application server.

  6. case class History[T <: AggregateRoot](snapshots: IndexedSeq[Snapshot[T]]) extends Identifiable with Product with Serializable

    Collection of AggregateRoot aggregate root snapshots.

  7. trait Identifiable extends Searchable

    Domain object uniquely represented by its URI.

  8. trait PersistableRepository[T <: AggregateRoot] extends Repository[T]

    Service for doing CRUD operations.

  9. trait Report[TResult] extends AnyRef

    Report is concept for aggregating multiple calls into a single object.

  10. trait Repository[T <: Identifiable] extends SearchableRepository[T]

    Service for finding Identifiable domain objects.

  11. trait Searchable extends AnyRef

    Domain object that can be queried from the remote server.

  12. trait SearchableRepository[TSearchable <: Searchable] extends AnyRef

    Service for searching and counting domain objects.

  13. trait ServiceLocator extends AnyRef

    Service for resolving other services.

  14. case class Snapshot[TAggregateRoot <: AggregateRoot](URI: String, at: DateTime, action: String, value: TAggregateRoot) extends Identifiable with Product with Serializable

    Snapshot of some past state of an AggregateRoot aggregate root

  15. trait Snowflake[TAggregate <: AggregateRoot] extends Identifiable

    Snowflake schema is an concept from OLAP used for building specific query projection.

  16. trait Specification[TSearchable <: Searchable] extends AnyRef

    Search predicate which can be used to filter domain objects from the remote server using SearchableRepository searchable repository.

  17. trait TemplaterService extends AnyRef

    Service for creating documents based on templates and data.

  18. abstract class TypeReference[T] extends AnyRef