Interface ISingleton

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    CamelCase, ComparableComparator, IFunction1.Identity, SameIdentity, SedRegexQuoteType, SHA1HashFileCompareGroupFunction, StandardIdentity, TextHashFileCompareGroupFunction, ValidValidation

    public interface ISingleton
    A marker interface for classes which implement the singleton pattern. Please take care when creating singletons, as there are serious challenges in implementing the global logic correctly in the presence of threading. Additionally, there are many design patterns which may suit your needs better such as dependency injection or an enumeration. If you decide to implement a singleton please make sure that 1) you use a static method to get it, we recommend public static T create(); and 2) that it contains no state. Singletons may be useful in cases where you will have multiple implementations of a stateless interface, as in the strategy pattern.