Interface IOptionalFunctional<I,​O,​F extends IOptionalFunctional<? super I,​? extends O,​?>>

    • Method Detail

      • fallback

        Function<I,​O> fallback​(Function<? super I,​? extends O> fallback)
        Create a function which will fall back to the return values from fallback when this function doesn't return a value.
        fallback - The function to call back to when this returns no value.
        A function which will return values from this or, if needed, the fallback.
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      • override

        IOptionalFunctional<I,​O,​F> override​(F override)
        Create a function where any value returned from override overrides the value this function would return.
        override - The function whose return values, when any, override our own.
        An optional function which returns the results of override if any, and the result of this optional function otherwise.
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      • restrict

        IOptionalFunctional<I,​O,​F> restrict​(Predicate<? super I> predicate,
                                                        IOptionalFactory factory)
        Create a function which returns an empty value for all of those not accepted by the specified predicate.
        predicate - When the predicate accepts an input, return the value from this (whether empty or not).
        factory - An optional factory, necessary to construct the necessary empty values when the predicate does not accept an input.
        An optional functional which returns the same values as this when the predicate accepts an input, and IOptionalFactory.empty() otherwise.