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    Defines types to create, access, and print tables.

    Defines types to create, access, and print tables.

    Getting Started

    Below is an example of how to use TableBuilder and TableWriter. Using these utilities, it builds a Table and writes the content to stdout.

    // Build table with first row as table header
    val table = t2.TableBuilder()
      .add("#", "Effective Date", "Currency Code", "Exchange Rate")
      .add("1", "2021-01-04", "USD", "0.690236")
      .add("2", "2021-01-05", "USD", "0.690627")
      .add("3", "2021-01-06", "USD", "0.689332")
    // Create table writer with supplied configuration
    val writer = t2.TableWriter(
      "ansiColorEnabled" -> "true",
      "tableBorderColor" -> "cyan",
      "tableHeaderColor" -> "black,yellowBackground",
      "bodyRuleColor"    -> "yellow",
      "rowHeaderEnabled" -> "true",
      "rowHeaderColor"   -> "bold,cyan",
      "columnRightAlign" -> "0,3" // Right align first and last columns
    // Write table to stdout
    writer.write(System.out, table)

    The generated output would look something like the following if printed to a color-enabled terminal.

      #  Effective Date  Currency Code  Exchange Rate  
      1  2021-01-04      USD                 0.690236
      2  2021-01-05      USD                 0.690627
      3  2021-01-06      USD                 0.689332

    The table writer can be configured for changing such things as cell padding, character used for table borders, and more.


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