package bits

Provides immutable data types for working with bits and bytes.

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Type Members

  1. implicit final class BinStringSyntax extends AnyVal

    Provides the bin string interpolator, which returns BitVector instances from binary strings.

  2. sealed trait BitVector extends AnyRef

    Persistent vector of bits, stored as bytes.

  3. trait BitwiseOperations[Repr] extends AnyRef

    Bitwise operations on a value of type Repr.

  4. trait ByteVector extends IndexedSeqOptimized[Byte, ByteVector] with BitwiseOperations[ByteVector]

    Immutable vector of bytes.

  5. implicit final class HexStringSyntax extends AnyVal

    Provides the hex string interpolator, which returns ByteVector instances from hexadecimal strings.

  6. final class SliceByteVector extends ByteVector

    A ByteVector built off a function from Int => Byte and an offset.

  7. final class StandardByteVector extends ByteVector

    ByteVector implemented with scala.collection.immutable.Vector[Byte].

Value Members

  1. object BitVector

    Companion for BitVector.

  2. object ByteVector

    Companion for ByteVector.

  3. object LiteralSyntaxMacros

    Macros that support binary and hexadecimal literals.

  4. object StandardByteVector

    Companion for StandardByteVector.

  5. implicit def byteVectorToBitVector(byteVector: ByteVector): BitVector

    Implicit conversion from ByteVector to BitVector.

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