package dynamodbv2

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Type Members

  1. case class Attribute(name: String, value: AttributeValue) extends Product with Serializable

  2. type AttributeAction =

  3. case class AttributeDefinition(name: String, scalarType: ScalarAttributeType) extends with Product with Serializable

  4. case class AttributeValue(s: Option[String] = scala.None, n: Option[String] = scala.None, b: Option[ByteBuffer] = scala.None, ss: Seq[String] = immutable.this.Nil, ns: Seq[String] = immutable.this.Nil, bs: Seq[ByteBuffer] = immutable.this.Nil) extends with Product with Serializable

  5. type ComparisonOperator =

  6. trait DynamoDB extends AmazonDynamoDB

    Amazon DynamoDB Java client wrapper

  7. class DynamoDBClient extends AmazonDynamoDBClient with DynamoDB

    Default Implementation

  8. case class Item(table: Table, attributes: Seq[Attribute]) extends Product with Serializable

  9. case class KeySchema(attributeName: String, keyType: KeyType) extends KeySchemaElement with Product with Serializable

  10. type KeyType =

  11. case class LocalSecondaryIndex(name: String, keySchema: Seq[KeySchema], projection: Projection) extends with Product with Serializable

  12. case class LocalSecondaryIndexMeta(name: String, sizeBytes: Long, itemCount: Long, keySchema: Seq[KeySchema], projection: Projection) extends LocalSecondaryIndexDescription with Product with Serializable

  13. case class Projection(projectionType: ProjectionType, nonKeyAttributes: Seq[String] = immutable.this.Nil) extends with Product with Serializable

  14. type ProjectionType =

  15. case class ProvisionedThroughput(readCapacityUnits: Long, writeCapacityUnits: Long) extends with Product with Serializable

  16. case class ProvisionedThroughputMeta(numberOfDecreasesToday: Long, readCapacityUnits: Long, writeCapacityUnits: Long, lastDecreasedAt: DateTime, lastIncreasedAt: DateTime) extends ProvisionedThroughputDescription with Product with Serializable

  17. type ReturnConsumedCapacity =

  18. type Select =

  19. case class Table(name: String, hashPK: String, rangePK: Option[String] = scala.None, attributes: Seq[AttributeDefinition] = immutable.this.Nil, localSecondaryIndexes: Seq[LocalSecondaryIndex] = immutable.this.Nil, provisionedThroughput: Option[ProvisionedThroughput] = scala.None) extends Product with Serializable

  20. case class TableMeta(name: String, sizeBytes: Long, itemCount: Long, status: TableStatus, attributes: Seq[AttributeDefinition], keySchema: Seq[KeySchema], localSecondaryIndexes: Seq[LocalSecondaryIndexMeta], provisionedThroughput: ProvisionedThroughputMeta, createdAt: DateTime) extends TableDescription with Product with Serializable

  21. type TableStatus =

Value Members

  1. object AttributeAction

  2. object AttributeDefinition extends Serializable

  3. object AttributeType

  4. object AttributeValue extends Serializable

  5. object Condition

  6. object DynamoDB

  7. object Item extends Serializable

  8. object KeySchema extends Serializable

  9. object KeyType

  10. object LocalSecondaryIndex extends Serializable

  11. object LocalSecondaryIndexMeta extends Serializable

  12. object Projection extends Serializable

  13. object ProjectionType

  14. object ProvisionedThroughput extends Serializable

  15. object ProvisionedThroughputMeta extends Serializable

  16. object TableMeta extends Serializable

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