package simpledb

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Type Members

  1. case class Attribute(item: Item, name: String, value: String, alternateNameEncoding: String, alternateValueEncoding: String) extends with Product with Serializable

  2. case class Domain(name: String) extends Product with Serializable

  3. case class DomainMetadata(attributeNameCount: Int, attributeNamesSizeBytes: Long, attributeValueCount: Int, attributeValuesSizeBytes: Long, itemCount: Int, itemNamesSizeBytes: Long, timestamp: Int) extends Product with Serializable

  4. case class Item(domain: Domain, name: String, alternateNameEncoding: Option[String] = scala.None, attributes: Seq[Attribute] = immutable.this.Nil) extends with Product with Serializable

  5. trait SimpleDB extends AmazonSimpleDB

    Amazon SimpleDB Java client wrapper

  6. class SimpleDBClient extends AmazonSimpleDBClient with SimpleDB

    Default Implementation

Value Members

  1. object Attribute extends Serializable

  2. object DomainMetadata extends Serializable

  3. object Item extends Serializable

  4. object SimpleDB