package sqs

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Type Members

  1. case class DeleteMessageBatchEntry(id: String, receiptHandle: String) extends DeleteMessageBatchRequestEntry with Product with Serializable

  2. case class Message(queue: Queue, id: String, body: String, receiptHandle: String, attributes: Map[String, String]) extends with Product with Serializable

  3. case class MessageBatchEntry(id: String, messageBody: String) extends SendMessageBatchRequestEntry with Product with Serializable

  4. case class Queue(url: String) extends Product with Serializable

  5. trait SQS extends AmazonSQS

    Amazon Simple Queue Service Java client wrapper

  6. class SQSClient extends AmazonSQSClient with SQS

    Default Implementation

  7. class SQSClientWithQueue extends AnyRef

    SQSClient with specified queue.

Value Members

  1. object Message extends Serializable

  2. object SQS

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