SpotBugs API Documentation

Main package for the FindBugs application - contains the engine class (FindBugs), the object model classes for bug instances (BugInstance, BugAnnotation), and other miscellany.
A bytecode analysis framework for BCEL, providing CFG construction, generic dataflow analysis, and a variety of specific dataflow analyses.
Support for analyzing code containing JSR-305 type qualifier annotations.
Implementation of dataflow analysis for checking whether obligations to close streams and other resources (e.g., database objects) are satisfied.
A high-level abstraction layer for codebases, classes, and components of classes (methods, fields, instructions, etc.).
Classes of objects that are the result of executing an analysis engine on a class or method.  The classes in this particular package are those that are independent of any particular bytecode-analysis framework (e.g., BCEL or ASM).  Two important classes in this package are ClassData, which represents the raw data of a class, and ClassInfo, which represents symbolic information parsed from the class data.
Analysis engine classes to produce the analyses defined in the edu.umd.cs.findbugs.classfile.analysis package.
Support for analyses based on the ASM bytecode framework.
Support for analyses based on the BCEL bytecode framework.
Implementations of the interfaces in the edu.umd.cs.findbugs.classfile package: the core classes of the FindBugs classfile/classpath support layer.
Eventually, all model classes (BugInstance, BugCollection, etc.) should go in this package.
The package providing a BugReporter implementation which produces report in SARIF format.