package httpz

Linear Supertypes
AnyRef, Any
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  1. httpz
  2. AnyRef
  3. Any
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Type Members

  1. type Action[A] = EitherT[Error, Requests, A]
  2. type ActionE[E, A] = EitherT[E, Requests, A]
  3. final class ActionEOps[E, A] extends AnyVal
  4. type ActionNel[A] = EitherT[ErrorNel, Requests, A]
  5. trait ActionOpsTemplate[E, A] extends Any
  6. final class ByteArray extends AnyRef
  7. type Config = Endo[Request]
  8. sealed class Core[F[_]] extends AnyRef
  9. sealed abstract class Error extends RuntimeException with Product with Serializable
  10. type ErrorNel = NonEmptyList[Error]
  11. abstract class Interpreter[F[_]] extends AnyRef
  12. type InterpreterF[F[_]] = NaturalTransformation[RequestF, F]
  13. abstract class InterpretersTemplate extends AnyRef
  14. abstract class JsonToString[A <: JsonToString[A]] extends AnyRef
  15. final case class Request(url: String, method: String = "GET", body: Option[Array[Byte]] = None, params: Map[String, String] = Map.empty, headers: Map[String, String] = Map.empty, basicAuth: Option[(String, String)] = None) extends Product with Serializable
  16. sealed abstract class RequestF[A] extends Product with Serializable
  17. type Requests[A] = Free[RequestF, A]
  18. final case class Response[A](body: A, status: Int, headers: Map[String, List[String]]) extends Product with Serializable
  19. sealed abstract class Time extends AnyRef
  20. type Times[A] = WriterT[List[Time], scalaz.Id.Id, A]

Value Members

  1. def Action[E, A](a: Requests[\/[E, A]]): ActionE[E, A]
  2. val ActionMonad: Monad[Action]
  3. val ActionNelMonad: Monad[ActionNel]
  4. val ActionNelZipAp: Apply[ActionNel]
  5. def ActionZipAp[E](implicit arg0: Semigroup[E]): Apply[[α]EitherT[E, [A]Free[RequestF, A], α]]
  6. val RequestsMonad: Monad[Requests]
  7. def actionEMonad[E]: Monad[[α]EitherT[E, [A]Free[RequestF, A], α]]
  8. val emptyConfig: Config
  9. implicit def toActionEOps[E, A](a: ActionE[E, A]): ActionEOps[E, A]
  10. case object BuildInfoHttpz extends Product with Serializable

    This object was generated by sbt-buildinfo.

  11. object ByteArray
  12. object Core extends Core[RequestF]
  13. object Error extends Serializable
  14. object Request extends Serializable
  15. object RequestF extends Serializable
  16. object Response extends Serializable
  17. object Time

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