package scalascriptengine

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Type Members

  1. case class ClassLoaderConfig(protectPackages: Set[String] = Set(), protectClasses: Set[String] = Set(), allowed: (String, String) ⇒ Boolean = (_, _) => true, classLoadingListeners: List[(String, Class[_]) ⇒ Unit] = Nil, enableClassRegistry: Boolean = false) extends Product with Serializable

  2. class ClassRegistry extends AnyRef

    finds all class names for a list of directories

  3. trait CodeVersion extends AnyRef

    the script engine works by keeping 1 version of the compiled source directories.

  4. case class CodeVersionImpl(version: Int, files: List[SourceFile], classLoader: ScalaClassLoader, sourceFiles: Map[File, SourceFile]) extends CodeVersion with Product with Serializable

  5. class CompilationStatus extends AnyRef

  6. class CompilationStopped extends RuntimeException

  7. case class Config(sourcePaths: List[SourcePath], compilationClassPaths: Set[File] = ScalaScriptEngine.currentClassPath, classLoadingClassPaths: Set[File] = Set(), classLoaderConfig: ClassLoaderConfig = ClassLoaderConfig.Default, compilationListeners: List[(CodeVersion) ⇒ Unit] = Nil) extends Product with Serializable

    this holds the configuration for the script engine.

  8. class Constructors[T] extends AnyRef

    provides easy access to instance construction

  9. trait DevUseIDECompiledClassesOnly extends ScalaScriptEngine

    this is useful during development.

  10. trait EvalCode[T] extends AnyRef

    a scala-code evaluator

  11. trait FromClasspathFirst extends ScalaScriptEngine

    if no code version is ready, tries to find the classes from the classpath initially.

  12. trait Logging extends AnyRef

    logging is done via slf4j

  13. trait OnChangeRefresh extends ScalaScriptEngine

    checks scala files for modification and if yes it recompiles the changed sources.

  14. trait RefreshAsynchronously extends ScalaScriptEngine with OnChangeRefresh

    makes sure the refresh is run only once at a time.

  15. trait RefreshSynchronously extends ScalaScriptEngine with OnChangeRefresh

    refresh as soon as a modification is detected.

  16. class SSESecurityManager extends SecurityManager

  17. class ScalaScriptEngine extends Logging

    The implementation of the script engine.

  18. case class SourceFile(file: File) extends Product with Serializable

  19. case class SourcePath(sources: Set[File], targetDir: File = ScalaScriptEngine.tmpOutputFolder) extends Product with Serializable

    scala source folder along with the destination class folder

  20. trait TimedRefresh extends AnyRef

    periodically scans the source directories and if a file changed, it recompiles and creates a new CodeVersion (changes will be visible as soon as compilation completes)

Value Members

  1. object ClassLoaderConfig extends Serializable

  2. object CompilationStatus

  3. object EvalCode

  4. object ScalaScriptEngine

    the companion object provides a lot of useful factory methods to create a script engine with sensible defaults.

  5. object SourcePath extends Serializable

  6. object Utils

  7. package internals