package fastparse

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Type Members

  1. abstract class Api[Elem, Repr] extends AnyRef

    This is basically a trait which contains the "public" API to fastparse packages.

  2. class StringApi extends Api[Char, String]

  3. class WhitespaceApi[+T] extends ParserApiImpl[T, Char, String]

    Custom version of ParserApi, that behaves the same as the default but injects whitespace in between every pair of tokens.

Value Members

  1. object CharPredicates

    Fast, pre-computed character predicates for charactes from 0 to 65535

  2. object StringReprOps extends ReprOps[Char, String]

  3. object WhitespaceApi

  4. object all extends StringApi

  5. package core

  6. object noApi extends StringApi

  7. package parsers