package json

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  1. case class CacheGroup(name: String, owner: String, description: String) extends Product with Serializable

  2. case class HttpPartConfig(partId: String, owner: String, uriToInterpolate: String, description: Option[String], method: HttpMethod.Value, hystrixConfig: HystrixConfig, additionalValidStatuses: Set[Int] = Set.empty, parameters: Set[PartParam] = Set.empty, deprecatedInFavourOf: Option[String] = None, cacheGroups: Set[CacheGroup] = Set.empty, cacheTtl: Option[FiniteDuration] = Some(Duration.Zero), alertMailsEnabled: Boolean = false, alertAbsoluteThreshold: Option[Int] = None, alertPercentThreshold: Option[Double] = None, alertInterval: FiniteDuration, alertMailRecipients: Option[String] = None) extends Product with Serializable

  3. case class HystrixConfig(timeout: FiniteDuration, threadPoolConfig: ThreadPoolConfig, commandKey: String, commandGroupKey: String) extends Product with Serializable

  4. case class PartParam(required: Boolean, versioned: Boolean, paramType: ParamType.Value, outputName: String, description: Option[String] = None, inputNameOverride: Option[String] = None, cacheGroups: Set[CacheGroup] = Set.empty) extends Product with Serializable

  5. case class ThreadPoolConfig(threadPoolKey: String, coreSize: Int, queueSize: Int) extends Product with Serializable