package git

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Type Members

  1. implicit class RichDiffEntry extends AnyRef

  2. implicit class RichFileMode extends AnyRef

  3. implicit class RichObjectDatabase extends AnyRef

  4. implicit class RichObjectDirectory extends AnyRef

  5. implicit class RichObjectId extends AnyRef

  6. implicit class RichObjectReader extends AnyRef

  7. implicit class RichRef extends AnyRef

  8. implicit class RichRepo extends AnyRef

  9. implicit class RichRevObject extends AnyRef

  10. implicit class RichRevTree extends AnyRef

  11. implicit class RichString extends AnyRef

  12. implicit class RichTreeWalk extends AnyRef

  13. case class SizedObject(objectId: ObjectId, size: Long) extends Ordered[SizedObject] with Product with Serializable

  14. class ThreadLocalObjectDatabaseResources extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. val FileModeNames: Map[FileMode, String]

  2. def abbrId(str: String)(implicit reader: ObjectReader): ObjectId

  3. def allBlobsReachableFrom(revObject: RevObject)(implicit reader: ObjectReader): Set[ObjectId]

  4. def allBlobsReachableFrom(revisions: Set[String])(implicit repo: Repository): Set[ObjectId]

  5. def allBlobsUnder(tree: RevTree)(implicit reader: ObjectReader): Set[ObjectId]

  6. package bfg

  7. def diff(trees: RevTree*)(implicit reader: ObjectReader): Seq[DiffEntry]

  8. def resolveGitDirFor(folder: File): Option[File]

  9. def treeOrBlobPointedToBy(revObject: RevObject)(implicit revWalk: RevWalk): Either[RevBlob, RevTree]

  10. implicit def treeWalkPredicateToTreeFilter(p: (TreeWalk) ⇒ Boolean): TreeFilter

  11. def walk(trees: RevTree*)(filter: TreeFilter, recursive: Boolean = true, postOrderTraversal: Boolean = false)(implicit reader: ObjectReader): TreeWalk

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