package scala

Implicit conversions that make Gremlin easier to use in Scala. Users can just import com.tinkerpop.gremlin.scala._

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Type Members

  1. class Dummy extends AnyRef

  2. class GremlinScalaPipeline[S, E] extends Pipeline[S, E] with Dynamic

  3. class ScalaEdge extends Edge with ScalaElement

    Adds convenience methods to com.tinkerpop.blueprints.Edge.

  4. trait ScalaElement extends Element with Dynamic

  5. class ScalaGraph extends AnyRef

  6. class ScalaLoopBundle[T] extends AnyRef

    Provides convenience methods for LoopBundle[T].

  7. class ScalaPipeFunction[S, E] extends PipeFunction[S, E]

  8. class ScalaVertex extends Vertex with ScalaElement

Value Members

  1. def ->[S]: GremlinScalaPipeline[S, S]

    Start a new pipeline

  2. object Gremlin

  3. object GremlinScalaPipeline

  4. object Imports

  5. object ScalaEdge

    Implicit conversions between com.tinkerpop.blueprints.Edge and com.tinkerpop.gremlin.scala.ScalaEdge.

  6. object ScalaGraph

    Implicit conversions between com.tinkerpop.blueprints.Graph and com.tinkerpop.gremlin.scala.ScalaGraph.

  7. object ScalaLoopBundle

  8. object ScalaVertex

    Implicit conversions between Vertex and ScalaVertex

  9. implicit def booleanFunctionToPipeFunction[A](f: (A) ⇒ Boolean): PipeFunction[A, Boolean]

    Mainly for GremlinPipeline.filter, to convert A => scala.Boolean to PipeFunction[A, java.lang.Boolean].

  10. implicit def functionToPipeFunction[A, B](f: (A) ⇒ B): PipeFunction[A, B]

    Most generic conversion: A => B to PipeFunction[A, B].

  11. package pipes

  12. def startPipe[S]: GremlinScalaPipeline[Nothing, Nothing]

  13. implicit val wrapScalaEdge: (Edge) ⇒ ScalaEdge

  14. implicit val wrapScalaGraph: (Graph) ⇒ ScalaGraph

  15. implicit def wrapScalaLoopBundle[T]: (LoopBundle[T]) ⇒ ScalaLoopBundle[T]

  16. implicit val wrapScalaVertex: (Vertex) ⇒ ScalaVertex

    Bring the wrap implicits into scope.

    Bring the wrap implicits into scope. The compiler will check the unwrap implicits on its own.

  17. def [S]: GremlinScalaPipeline[Nothing, Nothing]

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