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Type Members

  1. abstract class Batch[Connection] extends Select[Connection, Long]

    A Batch is a Select where each value in the iterator is the number of rows updated.

  2. trait Batchable[Key, Connection, Batch <: Batch[Connection]] extends AnyRef

  3. trait BatchableMethods[Connection, Batch <: Batch[Connection]] extends AnyRef

  4. case class CompiledStatement extends Product with Serializable

  5. trait Executable[Key, Connection, Execute <: Execute[Connection]] extends AnyRef

  6. trait ExecutableMethods[Connection, Execute <: Execute[Connection]] extends AnyRef

  7. abstract class Execute[Connection] extends AnyRef

  8. type Getter[-Row, -Index, +T] = (Row, Index) ⇒ Option[T]

    Often a row in a database doesn't correspond to exactly one primitive value.

    Often a row in a database doesn't correspond to exactly one primitive value. Instead, the row decomposes into parts, which then compose into yet another non-primitive value. The parts of the row are indexed usually by an integer or string, but we don't enforce any particular index type.

    Getters provide a uniform interface for any value that might be stored in a row, when indexed by something.

  9. trait HasConfig extends AnyRef

  10. trait IsParameter[T, Statement, Index] extends AnyRef

  11. trait Logging extends AnyRef

  12. trait ParameterSetter[Statement, Index] extends AnyRef

  13. case class ParameterValue(value: Any) extends Product with Serializable

  14. trait ParameterValueImplicits extends AnyRef

  15. trait ParameterizedQuery[Self <: ParameterizedQuery[Self, UnderlyingQuery, Index], UnderlyingQuery, Index] extends AnyRef

    Given a query with named parameters beginning with '@', construct the query for use with JDBC, so that names are replaced by '?', and each parameter has a map to its positions in the query.

  16. abstract class Select[Connection, T] extends AnyRef

    A Select is an operation on a resource that produces some values, T.

  17. trait Selectable[Key, Value, Connection, Select <: Select[Connection, Value]] extends AnyRef

  18. trait SelectableMethods[Connection, Select[T] <: Select[Connection, T]] extends AnyRef

  19. trait ToParameter extends AnyRef

  20. trait Updatable[Key, Connection, Update <: Update[Connection]] extends AnyRef

  21. trait UpdatableMethods[Connection, Update <: Update[Connection]] extends AnyRef

  22. abstract class Update[UnderlyingConnection] extends Batch[UnderlyingConnection]

    An update is a Batch of one statement.

Value Members

  1. object CIMap

    Case insensitive map.

  2. object CISet

    Case insensitive set.

  3. object CaseInsensitiveOrdering extends Ordering[String]

  4. object CompiledStatement extends Serializable

  5. object JodaSqlConverters

  6. def box(v: Any): AnyRef

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