package rx

Scala.Rx is an experimental change propagation library for Scala. Scala.Rx gives you Reactive variables (Rxs), which are smart variables who auto-update themselves when the values they depend on change. The underlying implementation is push-based FRP based on the ideas in Deprecating the Observer Pattern.

A simple example which demonstrates its usage is:

import rx._
val a = Var(1); val b = Var(2)
val c = Rx{ a() + b() }
println(c()) // 3
a() = 4
println(c()) // 6

See the github page for more instructions on how to use this package, or browse the classes on the left.

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Type Members

  1. type Obs = rx.core.Obs

  2. type Rx[+T] = rx.core.Rx[T]

  3. type Var[T] = rx.core.Var[T]

Value Members

  1. val Obs: rx.core.Obs.type

  2. val Rx: rx.core.Rx.type

  3. implicit def StagedTuple[T](v: (Var[T], T)): Staged[T]

  4. implicit def StagedTupleSeq[T](v: Seq[(Var[T], T)]): Seq[Staged[T]]

  5. val Var: rx.core.Var.type

  6. package channels

  7. package core

  8. package ops

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