package core

Linear Supertypes
AnyRef, Any
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Type Members

  1. class Dynamic[+T] extends Rx[T] with Reactor[Any] with Spinlock[T]

    An Rx whose dependencies are set dynamically at runtime when calc is evaluated, and may change again any time it gets re-evaluated

  2. trait Emitter[+T] extends Node

    Something that emits pings.

  3. sealed trait Node extends AnyRef

    A member of a Scala.

  4. class Obs extends Reactor[Any]

    An Obs is something that produces side-effects when the source Rx changes.

  5. trait Propagator[P] extends AnyRef

    A Propagator is an object which performs a propagation wave over the Scala.

  6. trait Reactor[-T] extends Node

    Something that can receive pings and react to them in some way.

  7. trait Rx[+T] extends Emitter[T] with Reactor[Any]

    An Rx is a value that can change over time, emitting pings whenever it changes to notify any dependent Rxs that they need to update.

  8. case class SpinSet[T](t: T) extends AtomicReference[T] with Product with Serializable

    A wrapper around AtomicReference, allowing you to apply "atomic" transforms to the boxed data by using a Compare-And-Set retry loop.

  9. class Staged[T] extends AnyRef

  10. class Var[T] extends Rx[T]

    A Var is an Rx which can be changed manually via assignment.

Value Members

  1. object Dynamic

  2. object Obs

  3. object Propagator

  4. object Rx

  5. object Var

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