package ops

Linear Supertypes
AnyRef, Any
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Type Members

  1. class Async[+T, P] extends Rx[T] with Incrementing[T] with Reactor[Future[_]]

    A Rx which flattens out an Rx[Future[T]] into a Rx[T].

  2. implicit final class AsyncRxOps[T] extends AnyVal

    Extends an Rx[Future[T]] to allow you to flatten it into an Rx[T] via the .async() method

  3. class Debounce[+T] extends Dynamic[T]

    An Rx which wraps an existing Rx but only emits changes at most once every interval.

  4. class Delay[+T] extends Dynamic[T]

    An Rx which wraps and existing Rx but delays the propagation by delay.

  5. class DomScheduler extends Scheduler

    A Scheduler that wraps the DOM's setTimeout function

  6. implicit final class RxOps[+T] extends AnyVal

  7. trait Scheduler extends AnyRef

    A generic interface which can be used to schedule tasks.

  8. class Timer[P] extends Rx[Long]

    An Rx which begins a propagation once every interval after an initial delay of delay.

Value Members

  1. object Timer

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