package numerals

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  1. numerals
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Type Members

  1. sealed trait NumberUnit extends AnyRef

  2. case class Numeral(value: Long, unit: NumberUnit) extends Serializable with Ordered[Numeral] with Product

  3. trait NumeralConversions extends Any

  4. implicit final class NumeralDouble extends AnyVal with NumeralConversions

  5. implicit final class NumeralInt extends AnyVal with NumeralConversions

  6. implicit final class NumeralLong extends AnyVal with NumeralConversions

Value Members

  1. object Billions extends NumberUnit

  2. object Hundreds extends NumberUnit

  3. object Millions extends NumberUnit

  4. implicit object NumeralNumeric extends Numeric[Numeral]

  5. object Tens extends NumberUnit

  6. object Thousands extends NumberUnit

  7. object Units extends NumberUnit

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