package common

Linear Supertypes
AnyRef, Any
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Type Members

  1. case class <>[+T](left: Conc[T], right: Conc[T]) extends Conc[T] with Product with Serializable

  2. class BinaryHeap[T] extends AnyRef

  3. sealed trait Conc[+T] extends AnyRef

  4. class ConcBuffer[T] extends AnyRef

  5. implicit final class ConcByteOps extends AnyVal

  6. implicit final class ConcCharOps extends AnyVal

  7. implicit final class ConcDoubleOps extends AnyVal

  8. implicit final class ConcFloatOps extends AnyVal

  9. implicit final class ConcIntOps extends AnyVal

  10. implicit final class ConcLongOps extends AnyVal

  11. implicit class ConcModificationOps[T] extends AnyRef

  12. implicit final class ConcOps[T] extends AnyVal

  13. sealed abstract class ConcRope[+T] extends Conc[T]

  14. sealed abstract class Conqueue[+T] extends Conc[T]

  15. class ConqueueBuffer[T] extends AnyRef

  16. implicit class ConqueueOps[T] extends AnyRef

  17. class FastBuffer[M >: Null <: AnyRef] extends AnyRef

  18. class FastHashTable[M >: Null <: AnyRef] extends AnyRef

    Support hash table for fast operations.

  19. class FixedSizePool[T >: Null <: AnyRef] extends Pool[T]

  20. class HashMatrix[T] extends Matrix[T]

    Hash-based sparse matrix with an efficient O(1) indexing and update operations.

    Hash-based sparse matrix with an efficient O(1) indexing and update operations.

    Ideal for sparse or dense data, particularly with many clusters that are tightly packed together. For spatial queries on sparse data, it is usually better to use QuadMatrix.

  21. class IndexedSet[T >: Null <: AnyRef] extends Seq[T]

    A collection that is a set and a sequence.

  22. trait Matrix[T] extends Immutable[T]

  23. final class Monitor extends AnyRef

  24. abstract class Pool[T >: Null <: AnyRef] extends AnyRef

  25. class QuadMatrix[T] extends Matrix[T]

    Quad-based matrix for spatial querying of sparse data.

  26. class Ref[M >: Null <: AnyRef] extends AnyRef

  27. class TransferQueue[T] extends AnyRef

  28. class UnrolledBuffer[T] extends AnyRef

  29. class UnrolledRing[T] extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object BinaryHeap

  2. object Conc

  3. object ConcRope

  4. object ConcUtils

  5. object Conqueue

  6. object HashMatrix

  7. object Matrix

  8. object Pool

  9. object QuadMatrix

  10. object Uid

  11. object UnrolledBuffer

  12. object UnrolledRing

  13. package concurrent

  14. final def freshId[C](implicit arg0: ClassTag[C]): Long

  15. def invalid(msg: String): Nothing

  16. def unsupported(msg: String): Nothing

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