Interface GivenConjunction<OBJECTS>

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        GivenConjunction<OBJECTS> and​(DescribedPredicate<? super OBJECTS> predicate)
        Combines the current predicate (e.g. simpleName == 'SomeClass') with another predicate (e.g. resideInAPackage '') using AND (i.e. both predicates must be satisfied).

        NOTE: and(DescribedPredicate) and or(DescribedPredicate) combine predicates in the sequence they are declared, without any "operator precedence". I.e.


        will filter on predicate (predicateA || predicateB) && predicateC, and


        will filter on predicate (predicateA && predicateB) || predicateC. If you need more control over the precedence, how predicates are joined, you have to join these predicates separately, i.e.


        predicate - The predicate to be ANDed on the current object filter predicate
        A syntax conjunction element, which can be completed to form a full rule