Interface ImportOption

All Known Implementing Classes:
ImportOption.DoNotIncludeArchives, ImportOption.DoNotIncludeJars, ImportOption.DoNotIncludeTests, ImportOption.OnlyIncludeTests, ImportOption.Predefined

public interface ImportOption
Will be evaluated for every class location, to determine if the class should be imported.

IMPORTANT: For things like caching to work, it's important that the behavior of any implementation is constant, i.e. throughout the whole run of a test suite, for any Location x, the result of importOption.includes(x) must return the same value on consecutive calls for EVERY instance of the custom implementation of ImportOption.
In other words, if you for example create a custom implementation of ImportOption, where you look at some test specific file, if a certain class should be imported, this will cause wrong caching (i.e. the second run will assume, the classes are already cached, because it can't be determined that the ImportOption would choose different classes to be selected for this run)
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      boolean includes​(Location location)