package util

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Type Members

  1. abstract class DriverTest extends AnyRef

  2. class ExternalTestDB extends TestDB

  3. abstract class SimpleParentRunner[T] extends Runner with Filterable with Sortable

    A JUnit Runner similar to JUnit's own ParentRunner but simpler, more extensible (in the way we need it), and more Scala-like.

  4. abstract class TestDB extends AnyRef

    Describes a database against which you can run TestKit tests.

  5. case class TestMethod(name: String, desc: Description, method: Method, cl: Class[_ <: TestkitTest]) extends Product with Serializable

  6. class Testkit extends SimpleParentRunner[TestMethod]

    JUnit runner for the Slick driver test kit.

  7. trait TestkitTest extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object ExternalTestDB

  2. object TestDB

  3. object Testkit

    Lists all tests of the Slick driver test kit