package util

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Type Members

  1. trait CloseableIterator[+T] extends Iterator[T] with Closeable

    An Iterator with a close method to close the underlying data source.

  2. trait CollectionLinearizer[F[+_], T] extends ValueLinearizer[F[T]]

    A linearizer for collection values.

  3. trait DelegateRecordLinearizer[T] extends RecordLinearizer[T]

  4. trait Logging extends AnyRef

  5. class MacroSupportInterpolation extends AnyRef

  6. abstract class NaturalTransformation2[-P1[_], -P2[_], +R[_]] extends AnyRef

  7. class ProductLinearizer[T <: Product] extends RecordLinearizer[T]

  8. trait ReadAheadIterator[+T] extends BufferedIterator[T]

    An iterator on top of a data source which does not offer a hasNext() method without doing a next()

  9. trait RecordLinearizer[T] extends ValueLinearizer[T]

    A linearizer for record values.

  10. final case class RefId[E <: AnyRef](e: E) extends Product with Serializable

  11. final class SQLBuilder extends Segment

  12. final class SlickLogger extends AnyRef

  13. sealed trait ValueLinearizer[T] extends AnyRef

    Converts between unpacked (e.

  14. final class WeakRefId[E] extends WeakReference[E]

  15. abstract class ~>[-P1[_], +R[_]] extends AnyRef

    Natural Transformations.

Value Members

  1. object CloseableIterator

  2. object MacroSupport

  3. object SQLBuilder

  4. object SimpleTypeName

    Get a simple type name for a value.

  5. package iter