Package com.vladmihalcea.hibernate.type.util

Interface Summary
JsonSerializer Contract for serializing JSON objects.
JsonSerializerSupplier Supplies a custom reference of a Jackson JsonSerializer
ObjectMapperSupplier Supplies a custom reference of a Jackson ObjectMapper

Class Summary
CamelCaseToSnakeCaseNamingStrategy Maps the JPA camelCase properties to snake_case database identifiers.
ClassImportIntegrator The ClassImportIntegrator implements the Hibernate Integrator contract and allows you to provide a List of classes to be imported using their simple name.
ClassLoaderUtils ClassLoaderUtils - Class loading related utilities holder.
Configuration Configuration - It allows declarative configuration through the file or the file.
ListResultTransformer The ListResultTransformer simplifies the way we can use a ResultTransformer by defining a default implementation for the ResultTransformer.transformList(List) method.
LogUtils The LogUtils class unifies the framework logging capabilities.
MapResultTransformer<K,V> The MapResultTransformer allows us to return a Map from a JPA javax.persistence.Query.
ObjectMapperWrapper Wraps a Jackson ObjectMapper so that you can supply your own ObjectMapper reference.
Objects Emulates a Java 8 Objects class.
ParameterizedParameterType A stub ParameterType that returns sane values for ParameterizedParameterType.getReturnedClass() and ParameterizedParameterType.getAnnotationsMethod().
ReflectionUtils ReflectionUtils - Reflection utilities holder.
StringUtils StringUtils - String utilities holder.

Enum Summary
Configuration.PropertyKey Each Property has a well-defined key.

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