package postgresql

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Type Members

  1. trait ConnectionImplicits extends AnyRef

  2. trait DurationImplicits extends AnyRef

  3. trait Getters extends DefaultGetters with DateTimeGetter

  4. class Identifier extends base.Identifier

  5. class LTree extends PGobject with Iterable[String] with PartialFunction[Int, String]

    LTree class for use by the PostgreSQL JDBC driver.

  6. abstract class PostgreSql extends PostgreSqlCommon

  7. abstract class PostgreSqlCommon extends DBMS with Setters with ConnectionImplicits with Getters with HasDateTimeFormatter with DurationImplicits

    Created by Jeff on 3/27/2015.

  8. trait Setters extends DefaultSetters with DateTimeParameterAsTimestamp

Value Members

  1. object IntervalConstants

  2. object LTree extends Serializable