Class Processing

  • @Beta
    public final class Processing
    extends ProcessingBase<,​,​>
    Einar M R Rosenvinge, gjoranv
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      protected<> doGetRenderer​( spec)  
      protected doProcess​(<> chain, request)  
      protected<java.lang.Boolean> doProcessAndRender​( chainSpec, request,<> renderer, stream)<> getChains()
      Returns a registry of configured chains
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    • Method Detail

      • getChains

        public<> getChains()
        Description copied from class: ProcessingBase
        Returns a registry of configured chains
        Specified by:
        getChains in class ProcessingBase<,​,​>
      • doProcess

        protected doProcess​(<> chain,
        Specified by:
        doProcess in class ProcessingBase<,​,​>
      • doProcessAndRender

        protected<java.lang.Boolean> doProcessAndRender​( chainSpec,
                                                                                                 <> renderer,
        Specified by:
        doProcessAndRender in class ProcessingBase<,​,​>
      • doGetRenderer

        protected<> doGetRenderer​( spec)
        Specified by:
        doGetRenderer in class ProcessingBase<,​,​>