package hajobs

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Type Members

  1. class ActorJob extends Job

    A Job that runs the given actor (creates a new actor instance).

  2. case class Error(details: String) extends JobStartStatus with Product with Serializable

  3. abstract class Job extends AnyRef

    Base class for jobs, job execution is started via run().

  4. case class JobContext(jobType: JobType, jobId: UUID, triggerId: UUID) extends Product with Serializable

    Details regarding a job execution.

  5. abstract class JobExecution extends AnyRef

    The actual execution of a certain Job.

  6. class JobExecutor extends Actor with ActorLogging

    Executes jobs, manages currently running jobs.

  7. class JobManager extends AnyRef

    A JobManager is responsible for running jobs.

  8. abstract class JobStartStatus extends AnyRef

    JobStartStatus classes are used to communicate the result of a job start request.

  9. case class JobStatus(triggerId: UUID, jobType: JobType, jobId: UUID, jobState: JobState, jobResult: JobResult, jobStatusTs: DateTime, content: Option[JsValue] = scala.None) extends Product with Serializable

    Represents Status of Import Jobs

  10. class JobStatusRepository extends AnyRef

    Repository to manage job status in the database.

  11. class JobSupervisor extends Job

    Checks if for jobs in state RUNNING there's a lock as well.

  12. case class JobType(name: String, lockType: LockType) extends Product with Serializable

    The job type, identified by its name, specifies a LockType.

  13. trait JobTypes extends AnyRef

  14. class JobUpdater extends AnyRef

    JobUpdater is responsible finding running/pending jobs that have lost its lock and set them to status failed/dead

  15. type Jobs = Map[JobType, Job]

  16. class KeepJobLockedActor extends Actor with ActorLogging

    An Actor which helps to keep long running sychronous job tasks alive by updating the job lock periodically.

  17. case class Lock(lockType: LockType, jobId: UUID) extends Product with Serializable

    A Lock exists for jobType and jobId.

  18. class LockRepository extends AnyRef

    This repository manages locks for jobs syncronization in distributed environments.

  19. case class LockType(name: String) extends Product with Serializable

    A LockType describes a lock used by a JobType (e.

  20. trait LockTypes extends AnyRef

  21. case class LockedStatus(runningId: Option[UUID] = scala.None) extends JobStartStatus with Product with Serializable

  22. case class Started(jobId: UUID, details: Option[JsValue] = scala.None) extends JobStartStatus with Product with Serializable

  23. trait WriteStatus extends AnyRef

    Supports shortcut to store the job status, can be mixed into Jobs.

Value Members

  1. object ActorJob

  2. object JobExecutor

  3. object JobManager

  4. object JobResult extends Enumeration

  5. object JobState extends Enumeration

  6. object JobStatus extends Serializable

  7. object JobType extends Serializable

  8. object JobTypes

  9. def Jobs(jobs: Seq[Job]): Jobs

  10. object KeepJobLockedActor

  11. object LockTypes

  12. package utils

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