package xlink

XLinks, wrapping an eu.cdevreeze.yaidom.Elem. The XLink support is without any support for XPointer.

In Java speak, this package depends on the yaidom package, and not the other way around. In Scala speak, this package is in the yaidom namespace.

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Type Members

  1. final class Arc extends XLink

  2. final class ExtendedLink extends Link

  3. abstract class LabeledXLink extends XLink

  4. abstract class Link extends XLink

    Simple or extended link

  5. final class Locator extends LabeledXLink

  6. final class Resource extends LabeledXLink

  7. final class SimpleLink extends Link

  8. final class Title extends XLink

  9. sealed abstract class XLink extends Immutable

    Immutable XLink.

Value Members

  1. object Arc extends AnyRef

  2. object ExtendedLink extends AnyRef

  3. object Link extends AnyRef

  4. object Locator extends AnyRef

  5. object Resource extends AnyRef

  6. object SimpleLink extends AnyRef

  7. object Title extends AnyRef

  8. object XLink extends AnyRef