package uid

uid is a library for the generation and handling of unique 64-bit Ids.

Each Id encodes a timestamp, a node and a sequence. Specific implementations are achieved by defining a Scheme. Id creation is handled by a Generator.

  1. // Define an implicit Scheme
    implicit val idScheme = Scheme(42, 12, 10 , 1351728000000L)
    // Construct a Generator for the node 0
    val idGenerator = Generator(0L)
    // Get a new unique Id
    val id = idGenerator.newId
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Type Members

  1. trait Generator extends AnyRef

    Generates Ids based on a Scheme for a specific node.

  2. case class GeneratorException(message: String) extends RuntimeException with Product with Serializable

    Generator exception.

  3. final class Id extends AnyVal

    Value class of 64-bit Ids with underlying type of Long.

  4. final case class Scheme(timestampBits: Long, nodeBits: Long, sequenceBits: Long, epoch: Long) extends Product with Serializable

    Specification of an Id implementation.

Value Members

  1. object Generator

    Factory for Generator instances.

  2. object Id

    Factory methods, extractors and Orderings.

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