package event

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Type Members

  1. trait Attributes extends Iterable[(QName, String)]

    Interface describing a set of Attribute values.

Value Members

  1. object Characters

    Extracts the textual data from any Characters event

  2. object Comment

    Extracts the contents of a Comment event

  3. object EndDocument

    Matches any EndDocument event

  4. object EndElement

    Extracts the QName of an EndElement event

  5. object Name

    Extracts the localName from a QName.

  6. object PrefixName

    Extracts the prefix and localName (in that order) from a QName.

  7. object StartDocument

    Matches any StartDocument event

  8. object StartElement

    Extractor for StartElement events, returning the QName and an Attributes instance if the matched event was a StartElement.