package xml

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Type Members

  1. trait AsInputStream[T] extends AnyRef

    Typeclass that describes a Type (T) which can open and close an InputStream given an instance of T, intended for use with the classes.

  2. case class Chain[+H, +T](head: H, tail: T) extends Product with Serializable

    Created by dylan on 10/27/2015.

  3. trait ChainParserOps extends MapROps

    This mixin adds the tupled and apply methods to Parsers with chain-like result types.

  4. trait ContextCombiner[-A, -B, +AB] extends AnyRef

  5. trait ContextMatchSplitter[+In] extends Splitter[In]

    Splitter implementation based on a 'tag stack' context matcher function.

  6. trait IterateeHelpers extends AnyRef

  7. trait ListMatcher[+A] extends ContextMatchSplitter[A]

  8. trait MapR[M[_]] extends AnyRef

    Functor typeclass for transforming things that yield Results, e.

  9. trait MapRC[M[_, _]] extends AnyRef

    Functor typeclass for transforming things that yield Results and have an additional "context" type param.

  10. trait MapRCOps extends AnyRef

  11. trait MapROps extends MapRCOps

    Mixin that adds several result-related transformations to members of the MapR and MapRC typeclasses.

  12. trait Matcher[+A] extends ContextMatchSplitter[A]

  13. final class NonChain[-T] extends AnyRef

    Typeclass to witness that a type T is *not* a Chain

  14. final class NonUnit[-T] extends AnyRef

    Typeclass to witness that a type T is *not* a Unit

  15. sealed trait ParseInstruction extends AnyRef

    Used by the XMLEventSource's loop to decide whether to continue parsing or stop.

  16. trait Parser[+T] extends ParserBase[Any, T]

  17. trait ParserBase[-In, +Out] extends AnyRef

    Created by dylan on 11/5/2015.

  18. trait ParserCombiner[C1, C2, C] extends AnyRef

    A Parser Combiner is able to combine two parsers into a single parser, finding the most-specific common type between the two parsers' contexts, and combining their results as a chain.

  19. trait ParserCombinerOps extends AnyRef

  20. trait ParserForContext[-C, +T] extends ParserBase[C, T]

  21. sealed trait Result[+T] extends AnyRef

    Result value from parsing some input.

  22. trait Splitter[+In] extends AnyRef

  23. trait StreamScan[A, B] extends AnyRef

    Stream transformation function that operates like a foldLeft.

  24. trait Transformer[A] extends TransformerCommon[A]

    Transforms a stream of XMLEvent into a stream of Result[A].

  25. trait TransformerCommon[A] extends AnyRef

    Defines common functionality between Transformer and TransformerWithContext

  26. trait TransformerForContext[In, A] extends TransformerCommon[A]

    Variant of the Transformer trait in which a "context" value must be passed in order to be useful.

  27. case class XMLEventSource[T](underlyingSource: T, inputFactory: XMLInputFactory)(implicit evidence$1: AsInputStream[T]) extends Product with Serializable

    Allows an underlyingSource to be treated as a source of XMLEvents.

Value Members

  1. object AsInputStream

  2. object ChainSyntax

  3. object ContextCombiner

  4. object ContinueParsing extends ParseInstruction with Product with Serializable

  5. object IterateeHelpers extends IterateeHelpers

    Created by dylan on 10/10/2015.

  6. object ListMatcher

  7. object Matcher

  8. object NonChain

  9. object NonUnit

  10. object ParseInstruction

  11. object Parser

  12. object ParserCombiner

  13. object ParserCombinerOps extends ParserCombinerOps

  14. object ParserForContext

  15. object ParsingDSL extends ParserCombinerOps with ChainParserOps with MapROps

    Created by dylan on 10/10/2015.

  16. object Result

  17. object StopParsing extends ParseInstruction with Product with Serializable

  18. object Transformer

  19. object TransformerForContext

  20. object XMLEventEnumerator

  21. object XMLEventSource extends Serializable

    Defines a convenience method for constructing an XMLEventSource.

  22. package event