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A C D E F G I L M P R S T U 


address - Variable in class io.fabric8.letschat.LetsChatClientSupport
Authenticator() - Constructor for class io.fabric8.letschat.LetsChatClient.Authenticator
authToken - Variable in class io.fabric8.letschat.LetsChatClientSupport


createLetsChat(KubernetesClient) - Static method in class io.fabric8.letschat.LetsChatKubernetes
createRoom(RoomDTO) - Method in interface io.fabric8.letschat.LetsChatApi
createRoom(RoomDTO) - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.LetsChatClientSupport
createWebClient(Class<T>) - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.LetsChatClient
Creates a JAXRS web client for the given JAXRS client
createWebClient(Class<T>) - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.LetsChatClientSupport


deleteRoom(String) - Method in interface io.fabric8.letschat.LetsChatApi
deleteRoom(String) - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.LetsChatClientSupport
DtoSupport - Class in io.fabric8.letschat
A helper base class for DTOs
DtoSupport() - Constructor for class io.fabric8.letschat.DtoSupport


EntitySupport - Class in io.fabric8.letschat
A helper base class for entity DTOs with an id returned from the remote API
EntitySupport() - Constructor for class io.fabric8.letschat.EntitySupport


filter(ClientRequestContext) - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.LetsChatClient.Authenticator


generateToken() - Method in interface io.fabric8.letschat.LetsChatApi
generateToken(LetsChatApi) - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.LetsChatClientSupport
getAccount() - Method in interface io.fabric8.letschat.LetsChatApi
getAccount() - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.LetsChatClientSupport
getAdditionalProperties() - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.DtoSupport
getAddress() - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.LetsChatClientSupport
getApi() - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.LetsChatClientSupport
getAuthToken() - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.LetsChatClientSupport
getAvatar() - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.UserDTO
getCreated() - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.RoomDTO
getDescription() - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.RoomDTO
getDisplayName() - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.UserDTO
getFirstName() - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.UserDTO
getId() - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.EntitySupport
getLastActive() - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.RoomDTO
getLastName() - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.UserDTO
getMessage() - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.TokenDTO
getName() - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.RoomDTO
getOrCreateRoom(String) - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.LetsChatClientSupport
Tries to find the given room and if not it will auto-create a new one
getOwner() - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.MessageDTO
getOwner() - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.RoomDTO
getPassword() - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.LetsChatClientSupport
getPosted() - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.MessageDTO
getRoom(String) - Method in interface io.fabric8.letschat.LetsChatApi
getRoom(String) - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.LetsChatClientSupport
getRoom() - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.MessageDTO
getRooms() - Method in interface io.fabric8.letschat.LetsChatApi
getRooms() - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.LetsChatClientSupport
getRoomUsers(String) - Method in interface io.fabric8.letschat.LetsChatApi
getRoomUsers(String) - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.LetsChatClientSupport
getSlug() - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.RoomDTO
getStatus() - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.TokenDTO
getText() - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.MessageDTO
getToken() - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.TokenDTO
getUser(String) - Method in interface io.fabric8.letschat.LetsChatApi
getUser(String) - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.LetsChatClientSupport
getUsername() - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.LetsChatClientSupport
getUsername() - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.UserDTO


io.fabric8.letschat - package io.fabric8.letschat
isValid() - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.LetsChatClientSupport
Returns true if this client has an address and an auth token


LETSCHAT_HUBOT_PASSWORD - Static variable in class io.fabric8.letschat.LetsChatKubernetes
LETSCHAT_HUBOT_TOKEN - Static variable in class io.fabric8.letschat.LetsChatKubernetes
LETSCHAT_HUBOT_USERNAME - Static variable in class io.fabric8.letschat.LetsChatKubernetes
LetsChatApi - Interface in io.fabric8.letschat
REST API for working with Letschat or github
LetsChatClient - Class in io.fabric8.letschat
A client API for working with git hosted repositories using back ends like gogs or github
LetsChatClient(String, String, String, String) - Constructor for class io.fabric8.letschat.LetsChatClient
LetsChatClient.Authenticator - Class in io.fabric8.letschat
LetsChatClientSupport - Class in io.fabric8.letschat
Default base class for a LetschatClient implementation
LetsChatClientSupport(String, String, String, String) - Constructor for class io.fabric8.letschat.LetsChatClientSupport
LetsChatKubernetes - Class in io.fabric8.letschat
A factory for the LetsChatClient from a KubernetesClient
LetsChatKubernetes() - Constructor for class io.fabric8.letschat.LetsChatKubernetes


MessageDTO - Class in io.fabric8.letschat
MessageDTO() - Constructor for class io.fabric8.letschat.MessageDTO


password - Variable in class io.fabric8.letschat.LetsChatClientSupport


revokeToken() - Method in interface io.fabric8.letschat.LetsChatApi
RoomDTO - Class in io.fabric8.letschat
RoomDTO() - Constructor for class io.fabric8.letschat.RoomDTO
Rooms - Class in io.fabric8.letschat
Helper methods for working with rooms
Rooms() - Constructor for class io.fabric8.letschat.Rooms


setAdditionalProperty(String, Object) - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.DtoSupport
setAuthToken(String) - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.LetsChatClientSupport
setAvatar(String) - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.UserDTO
setCreated(Date) - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.RoomDTO
setDescription(String) - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.RoomDTO
setDisplayName(String) - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.UserDTO
setFirstName(String) - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.UserDTO
setId(String) - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.EntitySupport
setLastActive(Date) - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.RoomDTO
setLastName(String) - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.UserDTO
setMessage(String) - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.TokenDTO
setName(String) - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.RoomDTO
setOwner(UserDTO) - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.MessageDTO
setOwner(String) - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.RoomDTO
setOwner(RoomDTO, UserDTO) - Static method in class io.fabric8.letschat.Rooms
setPosted(Date) - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.MessageDTO
setRoom(RoomDTO) - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.MessageDTO
setSlug(String) - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.RoomDTO
setStatus(String) - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.TokenDTO
setText(String) - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.MessageDTO
setToken(String) - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.TokenDTO
setUsername(String) - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.UserDTO


TokenDTO - Class in io.fabric8.letschat
TokenDTO() - Constructor for class io.fabric8.letschat.TokenDTO
toString() - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.MessageDTO
toString() - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.RoomDTO
toString() - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.TokenDTO


updateRoom(String, RoomDTO) - Method in interface io.fabric8.letschat.LetsChatApi
updateRoom(String, RoomDTO) - Method in class io.fabric8.letschat.LetsChatClientSupport
UserDTO - Class in io.fabric8.letschat
UserDTO() - Constructor for class io.fabric8.letschat.UserDTO
username - Variable in class io.fabric8.letschat.LetsChatClientSupport
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