sealed trait Builder[F[_, _, _ <: Tuple], From, To, Config <: Tuple]
class Object
trait Matchable
class Any
class Applied[From, To, Config]
class Definition[From, To, Config]
Builder[F, From, To, Config]

Value members

Concrete methods

transparent inline def withCaseInstance[Type <: From](f: Type => To)(using SumOf[From], NotGiven[Type =:= From]): F[From, To, Instance[Type] *: RemoveByType[Type, Config]]
transparent inline def withFieldComputed[FieldType, ComputedType](inline selector: To => FieldType, computed: From => ComputedType)(using From: ProductOf[From], To: ProductOf[To])(using ComputedType <:< FieldType): Any
transparent inline def withFieldConst[FieldType, ConstType](inline selector: To => FieldType, const: ConstType)(using ProductOf[From], ProductOf[To], ConstType <:< FieldType): Any
transparent inline def withFieldRenamed[FromField, ToField](inline toSelector: To => FromField, inline fromSelector: From => ToField)(using From: ProductOf[From], To: ProductOf[To])(using FromField <:< ToField): Any

Abstract fields

val caseInstances: Map[Int, From => To]
val computeds: Map[String, From => Any]
val constants: Map[String, Any]