package extension

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Type Members

  1. class AcceptAllPredicate extends QueryExp

  2. class ExportedMBean extends GenericEntityRecorder

    An object that manages a specific dynamic mbean for kamon.

  3. class ExportedMBeanQuery extends Actor

    Uses a jmx query to find dynamic mbeans and registers them to be listened to by kamon.

  4. class JMXMetricsExtension extends Extension

    A Kamon extension for reading metrics from JMX dynamic mbeans

  5. case class MetricDefinition(metricType: MetricType, name: String, unitOfMeasure: UnitOfMeasurement, range: Option[DynamicRange] = scala.None, refreshInterval: Option[FiniteDuration] = scala.None, valueCollector: Option[CurrentValueCollector] = scala.None) extends Product with Serializable

    This call represents one kamon metric which can be a counter, gauge, histogram or min-max counter.

Value Members

  1. object ExportedMBean

  2. object ExportedMBeanQuery

  3. object JMXMetricImporter extends ExtensionId[JMXMetricsExtension] with ExtensionIdProvider

  4. object MetricDefinition extends Product with Serializable