Interface NamingConvention

public interface NamingConvention
Monitoring systems make different recommendations regarding naming convention.

Also, many systems have constraints on valid characters that may appear in a tag key/value or metric name. While it is recommended to choose tag keys/values that are absent special characters that are invalid on any common metrics backend, sometimes this is hard to avoid (as in the format of the URI template for parameterized URIs like /api/person/{id} emanating from Spring Web).

  • Field Details

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    • name

      default java.lang.String name​(java.lang.String name, Meter.Type type)
    • name

      java.lang.String name​(java.lang.String name, Meter.Type type, @Nullable java.lang.String baseUnit)
    • tagKey

      default java.lang.String tagKey​(java.lang.String key)
    • tagValue

      default java.lang.String tagValue​(java.lang.String value)