Class StepDistributionSummary

All Implemented Interfaces:
HistogramSupport, DistributionSummary, Meter

public class StepDistributionSummary
extends AbstractDistributionSummary
Step-normalized DistributionSummary.
  • Constructor Details

    • StepDistributionSummary

      public StepDistributionSummary​(Meter.Id id, Clock clock, DistributionStatisticConfig distributionStatisticConfig, double scale, long stepMillis, boolean supportsAggregablePercentiles)
      Create a new StepDistributionSummary.
      id - ID
      clock - clock
      distributionStatisticConfig - distribution static configuration
      scale - scale
      stepMillis - step in milliseconds
      supportsAggregablePercentiles - whether it supports aggregable percentiles
  • Method Details

    • recordNonNegative

      protected void recordNonNegative​(double amount)
      Specified by:
      recordNonNegative in class AbstractDistributionSummary
    • count

      public long count()
      The number of times that record has been called since this timer was created.
    • totalAmount

      public double totalAmount()
      The total amount of all recorded events.
    • max

      public double max()
      The maximum time of a single event.
    • measure

      public java.lang.Iterable<Measurement> measure()
      Description copied from interface: Meter
      Get a set of measurements. Should always return the same number of measurements and in the same order, regardless of the level of activity or the lack thereof.
      The set of measurements that represents the instantaneous value of this meter.