package monadasync

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Type Members

  1. class AsyncMutex[F[_]] extends AsyncSemaphore[F]

  2. class AsyncSemaphore[F[_]] extends AnyRef

  3. type Callback[A] = ((A) ⇒ Unit) ⇒ Unit

  4. type Catchable[F[_]] = MonadError[F, Throwable]

  5. sealed trait Future[+A] extends AnyRef

  6. implicit final class FutureToCallback[A] extends AnyVal

  7. trait MonadAsync[F[_]] extends monadasync.internal.MonadAsync[F] with MonadSuspend[F]

  8. trait MonadAsyncFunctions extends MonadSuspendFunctions

  9. trait MonadAsyncInstances extends AnyRef

  10. abstract class MonadAsyncLaws[F[_]] extends AnyRef

    Some laws any MonadAsync implementation should obey.

  11. final class MonadAsyncOps[F[_], A] extends MonadSuspendOps[F, A]

  12. trait MonadSuspend[F[_]] extends monadasync.internal.MonadSuspend[F]

  13. trait MonadSuspendFunctions extends AnyRef

  14. trait MonadSuspendInstances extends AnyRef

  15. abstract class MonadSuspendLaws[F[_]] extends AnyRef

    Some laws any MonadSuspend implementation should obey.

  16. class MonadSuspendOps[F[_], A] extends AnyRef

  17. trait Permit extends AnyRef

  18. type Task[A] = XorT[Future, Throwable, A]

  19. case class Timer(timeoutTickMs: Long = Timer.defaultTimeoutMs, workerName: String = "TimeoutContextWorker") extends Product with Serializable

  20. implicit class Unattempt[F[_], A] extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object Future

  2. object MonadAsync extends MonadAsyncInstances

  3. object MonadAsyncLaws

  4. object MonadSuspend extends MonadSuspendInstances

  5. object MonadSuspendLaws

  6. object Retry

  7. object ScalaFuture

  8. object Timer extends Serializable

  9. def catchable[F[_]](implicit arg0: Catchable[F]): Catchable[F]

  10. def fail[F[_], A](t: Throwable)(implicit arg0: Catchable[F]): F[A]

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