package taggedtypes

Linear Supertypes
AnyRef, Any
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  1. taggedtypes
  2. AnyRef
  3. Any
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Type Members

  1. type @@[T, +U] = T with Tag[T, U]
  2. implicit final class AndTaggingExtensions[T, U] extends AnyVal
  3. implicit final class AndTaggingExtensionsF[F[_], T, U] extends AnyVal
  4. implicit final class AndTaggingExtensionsG[G, T] extends AnyVal
  5. sealed trait Auto extends AnyRef
  6. sealed trait Tag[T, +U] extends Any
  7. type Tagged[T, +U] = T with Tag[T, U]
  8. trait TaggedBoolean extends TaggedType[Boolean]
  9. trait TaggedType[R] extends AnyRef

    Base tagged type trait.

    Base tagged type trait.


    raw value type

  10. implicit final class TaggingExtensions[T] extends AnyVal
  11. implicit final class TaggingExtensionsF[F[_], T] extends AnyVal
  12. implicit final class TaggingExtensionsG[G] extends AnyVal
  13. implicit final class UnTaggingExtensions[T] extends AnyVal
  14. implicit final class UnTaggingExtensionsF[F[_], T] extends AnyVal
  15. implicit final class UnTaggingExtensionsG[G] extends AnyVal

Value Members

  1. def apply[T, U](t: T): @@[T, U]

    Function-first-style tagging API.

    Function-first-style tagging API.


    type to tag with


    Tagger instance that can be used for tagging

  2. object AndTaggingExtensionsG
  3. object TaggingExtensionsG
  4. object UnTaggingExtensionsG
  5. object auto

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