package pamflet

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Type Members

  1. trait FencePlugin extends PartialFunction[(Option[String], String, Position, ListBuffer[Block]), Block]

    A FencePlugin must implement the following methods: 1.

    A FencePlugin must implement the following methods: 1. def isDefinedAt(language: Option[String]): Boolean 2. def toBlock(language: Option[String], content: String, position: Position, list: ListBuffer[Block]): Block 3. def blockToXHTML: PartialFunction[Block, xml.Node]

    First, you have to declare what "language" your FencePlugin supports with isDefinedAt. Next, in toBlock evaluate the incoming content and store them in a custom case class that extends Block. Finally, in blockToXHTML turn your custom case class into an xml Node.

  2. case class FencedChunk(content: String, language: Option[String]) extends Chunk with Product with Serializable

  3. trait FencedChunkParser extends ChunkParser

  4. case class FencedCodeBlock(text: Text, position: Position, language: Option[String]) extends Block with Product with Serializable

  5. trait FencedDiscounter extends Discounter

  6. trait Html5Imgs extends Discounter

  7. trait IdentifiedHeaders extends Discounter

  8. trait MutableFencedDiscounter extends FencedDiscounter

  9. trait SmartyDiscounter extends Discounter

  10. trait SmartySpanConverter extends SpanConverter

Value Members

  1. object BlockNames

  2. object FencePlugin

  3. object PamfletDiscounter extends Discounter with MutableFencedDiscounter with SmartyDiscounter with IdentifiedHeaders with Html5Imgs