Class JaxenXPathRuleQuery

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      • JaxenXPathRuleQuery

        public JaxenXPathRuleQuery()
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      • isSupportedVersion

        public boolean isSupportedVersion​(java.lang.String version)
        Description copied from class: AbstractXPathRuleQuery
        Subclasses should implement to indicate whether an XPath version is supported.
        Specified by:
        isSupportedVersion in class AbstractXPathRuleQuery
        version - The XPath version.
        true if the XPath version is supported, false otherwise.
      • getRuleChainVisits

        public java.util.List<java.lang.String> getRuleChainVisits()
        Description copied from interface: XPathRuleQuery
        Indicates which AST Nodes (if any) should be used with the RuleChain. Use of the RuleChain will allow the query execute on a targed sub-tree of the AST, instead of the entire AST from the root. This can result in great performance benefits.
        Specified by:
        getRuleChainVisits in interface XPathRuleQuery
        getRuleChainVisits in class AbstractXPathRuleQuery