Class AccessorClassGenerationRule

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    JavaParserVisitor, net.sourceforge.pmd.lang.rule.ImmutableLanguage,, net.sourceforge.pmd.Rule

    public class AccessorClassGenerationRule
    extends AbstractJavaRule
    1. Note all private constructors. 2. Note all instantiations from outside of the class by way of the private constructor. 3. Flag instantiations.

    Parameter types can not be matched because they can come as exposed members of classes. In this case we have no way to know what the type is. We can make a best effort though which can filter some?

    CL Gilbert ([email protected]), David Konecny ([email protected]), Romain PELISSE, [email protected], patch bug#1807370, Juan Martin Sotuyo Dodero ([email protected]), complete rewrite