Package org.apache.poi

Class Summary
POIXMLDocument This holds the common functionality for all POI OOXML Document classes.
POIXMLDocumentPart Represents an entry of a OOXML package.
POIXMLDocumentPart.RelationPart The RelationPart is a cached relationship between the document, which contains the RelationPart, and one of its referenced child document parts.
POIXMLFactory Defines a factory API that enables sub-classes to create instances of POIXMLDocumentPart
POIXMLProperties Wrapper around the three different kinds of OOXML properties and metadata a document can have (Core, Extended and Custom), as well Thumbnails.
POIXMLProperties.CoreProperties The core document properties
POIXMLProperties.CustomProperties Custom document properties
POIXMLProperties.ExtendedProperties Extended document properties
POIXMLPropertiesTextExtractor A POITextExtractor for returning the textual content of the OOXML file properties, eg author and title.
POIXMLRelation Represents a descriptor of a OOXML relation.

Exception Summary
POIXMLException Indicates a generic OOXML error.