Package org.apache.poi.xdgf.usermodel

Class Summary
XDGFBaseContents Container of shapes for a page in a Visio diagram.
XDGFCell There are a lot of different cell types.
XDGFConnection Represents connections in a Visio diagram.
XDGFDocument Represents the root document: /visio/document.xml You're probably actually looking for XmlVisioDocument, this only contains metadata about the root document in the OOXML package.
XDGFFactory Instantiates sub-classes of POIXMLDocumentPart depending on their relationship type
XDGFMaster Provides the API to work with an underlying master.
XDGFMasterContents Contains the actual contents of the master/stencil
XDGFMasters A collection of masters (typically stencils) in a Visio document
XDGFPage Provides the API to work with an underlying page
XDGFPages Contains a list of Page objects (not page content!)
XDGFShape A shape is a collection of Geometry Visualization, Format, Text, Images, and Shape Data in a Drawing Page.
XDGFSheet A sheet is a collection of properties that specify information for a shape, master, drawing page, style, or web drawing.
XmlVisioDocument This is your high-level starting point for working with Visio XML documents (.vsdx).